Stable Data  - that data that simplifies a confusion; allowing correct action.  
Truth Movement - Written books & internet based data exposing the actions of a power group gaining control of Earth's population.
With many independent books throughout the 20th century, and an internet catalyst from 9-11 (which of course was false flag), 
conversations are taking place about this power group's operations, *but the in-depth conversations will not be heard on any mass
media; and that includes NPR, BBC and the like.
The Basic Idea: -  If 9/11 was a Gov't job, "false flag" event (which is proven), & current Batman/Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing type 
events are proven Gov't/media operations, then major politics & media is lying to you… straight. Is this important to you?
 - If that's true then Obama is an actor, certainly a rigorously conditioned and trained speech artist. But nothing more. Not a
decision maker. And things like killing BinLaden are COMPLETE fabrications.  
  What is the Structure?  3 CITY STATES  
" These city-states are outside the laws of any nation."
" The covert group that rules the world from the city-states of the Vatican, City of London, and Washington DC. "
               BIS Bank Int'l Sttlmts
Vatican City -Religion
City of London -Finance, Gov't                  Washington DC -Military
"The U.S. Constitution, with its Bill of Rights guaranteeing
such liberties, has long been hated by the Vatican"
the 'Round Table'
             BIS --World Bank
 RIIA  Royal Institute         'think tanks'
"Vatican aided Nazi war criminals to slink to safety."  IMF Int'l Monetary Fund CFR -- Trilateral MI6 -- Mossad
    historic pdf books -  ECB -- Bank of England UN -- NATO CIA - NSA - DHS
  Federal Reserve U.S. Gov't -- FEMA
                   FBI - DOD
            Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus)
James E. Grummer -asst to black pope, NYC   U.S. Economy U.S. Media |Internet
Thomas H. Smolich -Pres. US jesuit Conference         U.S. People
David S. Ciancimino  -the FED, NYSE    Rothschild Banking:
Knights of Malta "'SMOM' - Israel is controlled
1800's  N.M. Rothschild & Sons - created Bank of England. 
    by the hierachy of the Sovereign Military Order  Became the "Treasurer of the Vatican." Developed the FED in 1913.
    of Malta" Developed Rio Tinto / DeBeers, British S. Africa Co. - w/ Cecil Rhodes.
 King Juan Carlos 2013 Sir Evelyn deRothschild / David R. deRothschild
    Shimon Peres - Israel & the Middle East
Rothschild Concordia SAS
Antione Kerhuel, Duke of kent  Paris Orléans S.A. - France | Concordia BV - Denmark
Michael Holman- "The City" London Financial Center
Rothschild Cont. Holdings AG-Swiss | N M Rothschild & Sons: London
     Queen Elizabeth II,  T. Blair/G. Brown/Cameron    Rothschild & Cie Banque: Paris - Eric de Rothschild/Elie de Rothschild
RIT Capital Partners - Jacob Rothschild / Nathanial Rothschild 
  other sub-orders: "think tanks":   * controls:   Barclays, Deutch Bank, BNP Paribas, UBS
Order of the Garter Tavistock   Rockefeller Banking/Health :
Pilgrims Society Brookings  Wharton  "...the Four Horsemen of Banking"
Club of Rome MIT  Hudson 1800's  Rockefellers - Standard Oil (Exxon), IBM, Merck
JASON Society Stanford Research Inst.  intermarriages to Stillman /Carnegie
High Freemasonry Rand - 2013  JPMorganChase /Citibank /BofA /Wells Fargo
Prieure de Sion  WHO, WTO, APA /AMA, Medical/Psych, Monsanto Corp.
    Little Known HISTORY:
1815  Congress of Vienna " destroy popular government in the American Colonies"
1871 The Act of 1871 "formed a corp. called THE UNITED STATES...OWNED by forein interests.."
1912 Titanic "..would serve as the death ship for those who opposed..."
1913  Federal Reserve Bank  "..the biggest scams in the history of the world."
1913  Income Tax  "In order to make this plan work, the U.S. Constitution had to be changed"
1920-21  CFR -Council of Foreign Relations (USA) & RIIA (London)   "The RIIA and CFR are just sub-branches of the Rhodes- 
 Milner Round Table" "..objective was to retake the United States as a British colony"
1929  The Great Depression "few Americans are aware that the Fed caused the depression."
1936  Cancer - "Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination… "
1941 WWII  -  'Nazi SS' shortened "Knights of the holy See"
1943  Tesla | Free Energy!
1945  the UN - United Nations 1947  CIA
1963  JFK Shot    vs. Fed vs. Jesuits
2000's  Health Sabotage - flouride - Vaccines - chemtrails
2000's What does "Natural Flavors" mean?
2001  9/11 WTC Attack "Patriot Act |Homeland Security" HmldSec
2004  Vote Fraud Nano-microchips / NSA
2012 NDAA Bill "military to detain US citizens indefinitely without charge or trial"
2012-'13  Syria FAKED  '13 Boston Bomb truth
 '10-'14 HealthCare ObamaCare
and why is this data not widespread?  MEDIA
"Wouldn’t it be great if the mainstream media was honest, even for one day? If so, the House of Rothschild, the    
 Rockefellers, the Windsors, and the Black Pope would all be destroyed"
"These criminal elites own and totally control all mainstream news content."
   ** Also beware of Gov't operatives infiltrating the Truth Movement in order to capture all attention and keep anger
high; but never take action toward solution. One idea is to stir up rebellion to which "Martial Law", lockdowns,
  FEMA and the whole lot are "necessary". 
Viacom - CBS MTV|VH1|Dreamworks|Paramount|BET|Spike.. News Corp CFR - FOX|NYPost|NatGeo|DowJones|Barron's..
Sumner Redstone - CFR             Richard Bressler
Rupert Murdoch major shrhldrs:
Phillip Dauman - Wall St Journal    Carl C Icahn John L Thornton - CFR, Intel RIT (Rothschild) Capital
  Carol Melton - Time Warner
    Stanley Shuman - CFR Barclays         State Street
Time Warner Inc CFR- CNN|TNT|HBO|TBS|Warner Bro|People...
Gary Ginsberg - Time Warner
Dow Jones|Wall St Journal
Edgar Bronfman Jr                 Carla A Hills - CFR   Jeff Schell - Comcast  Karren E House - CFR
Carol Melton - Viacom Walt Disney - ABC ESPN|Pixar|Miramax|E!|Discover|Lifetime
Carl C Icahn - Viacom, Yahoo, Blockbuster Robert Bass | Robert Iger
Michael Moritz - Google, Yahoo John Bryson - CFR, Boeing, Bretton Woods Committee
  Richard Bressler -  Viacom, AOL, WMG   James A Rasula - Dept Homeland Sec
COMCAST Corp -51% NBC CNBC|MSNBC|USA|Bravo|Universal|A&E..   Brent Callinicos - VP Google, prev CFO Microsoft
CEO Brian L Roberts major shrhldrs: General Electric CFR- 49% NBC major shrhldrs:
COO Stephen B Burke - JPMorgan, Berkshire Berkshire
CEO Jeff Imelt - NY FED Berkshire
Judith Rodin -CFR, Citigroup, AMR Lazard James Tisch - NY FED, CFR BlackRock
      Templeton   Ann M Fudge - CFR Director Vanguard    State Street
  "Facebook, Google, Yahoo – all these major US organizations have built-in Berkshire (W.Buffett)-
      interfaces for US intelligence."- Julian Assange        Wash Post|Newsweek|Int'l Herald Tribune
SOLUTIONS: America's idea; break free from the suppression of the English Bank, income tax, tyranny & human slavery.  
 -print and study these Docs: Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation The Constitution |Bill of Rights
Money - Must return to commodity based: like gold, silver or even grain. The BIS/ World Bank/IMF/Federal Reserve system removed.
Agriculture - must be based on health not profit. Lobbying $ - taken out of the political process. A total transparant voting system.
© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Ok to print and distribute. Based on 3rd party research available publicly. D-Sheet is not liable for anyone or group's action.
                 D-Sheet:   the top 2 pages can printed front/back as a leaflet.   Below is additional data. 
The top of the group may or may not worship lucifer, or claim decendency from aliens, or from Jesus; but do
we really care? Its simply bad. They may be quite in-bred by now, but theyre still are wreaking havoc.
Heres a rough chart on how they might THINK they are entitled:
  'the anti-social' bloodline :
1500 BC Ramses / Egyptian pharoahs - ancient advanced technology
Venetians & the Black Nobility Families
    600 BC Herod / Babylon Kings / Nebuchadnezzar - Solomons Temple
      300 BC Caesar / Cleopatra /  Alexander - Greeks Priory of Sion
500 AD"Merovingian" bloodlines - de Medici & Black Nobilities / Charlemagne / Lorraine - Knights Templar
Habsburg / House of Guelph / Saxe-Coburg-Gotha      formed Freemasons
    Today: Stuarts / Sinclairs / Windsors & (Rothchilds & the like)       formed:
 -attempts to rebuild Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem Teutonic Knights Rosicrucians  Switzerland Freemasons Knights of Malta
Sure, they may be hoarding advanced technology, and true they're going batty to secure their own immortality.
Problem is, down deep you always know if youre 'wrong'; and theyre quite wrong. And that equates to a self-
created destruction in one form or another.
Again - do your research; unconstitutional laws must be repealed: NDAA, SOPE/PIPA, ObamaCare/ACA, Patriot Act,
NAFTA, The Federal Reserve and Income Tax.      Spread the news.                     Comments to
© 2013 All Rights Reserved. Creative Commons. Ok to print and distribute. Based on 3rd party research available publicly. 
This document is tendered in the spirit of clarification and not intended to promote a particular group or action; and is not
 liable for such. No opinion asserted other than things are not ok.